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Home decoration can be a big and expensive budget and it is always good to pre-plan and foresee the problems that may arise beforehand to prevent wastage of money, time and effort or a result that does not match to your original intentions or conflict with your daily needs. Choose the project that fits your budget. You may also want to beak up your total project plan in smaller and more manageable projects and then prioritize them to fit your budget. Mostly, people prefer to solve living problems first and targeting the areas that are most used or lived-in in the house. Décor themes and styles can be chosen from the interior décor magazines to make your home look bright, cheerful and casual or formal, elegant and sophisticates. You may also prefer rustic, country and shabby-chic styles.

Color schemes should be chosen according to your theme, climatic conditions, size of the room and light that comes in the room. Monochromatic walls can be made to look beautiful with accents in two or three accent colors. Prints of fabrics such as stripes, plaids, floral or checks can be used as single or mix-and-match according to your preference. For large rooms, choose multi-hued upholstery, bed linens and coverings, wallpaper and window curtains with a large-scale print. Contrasts of mid-scale and small-scale prints look too. Play with either color or print or texture. Variants of all can lead to chaotic feel. Solid colors or neutrals go well with patterns. Position your furniture into more than one group seating areas, if the room is big, use screens and area rugs to divide the areas and use warm colors all around to make it feel cozy.

Stick to less than three colors, prints or textures in a small room and keep your decorating muted for serenity. Mirrors reflect more light, and glass-to tables almost disappear from view making the space feel larger and airy. Tall vertical furniture, floor length curtains hung from ceiling height and vertical stripes add to the height of the ceiling. Use symmetrical décor elements such as a pair of lamps and vases for the formal look in a room. Smooth, glossy and plush are the key words to elegance, be it highly polished wooden furniture or luxurious carpeting. Casual decorating can use horizontal lines with low furniture line and use of different textures. Displaying your collectibles on wall mounted shelves and grouping pictures of different sizes on walls for an informal look, does well too. For collections, display heaviest piece at the bottom, groupings at the eye level and preferably in odd numbers.



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