Foot Care

Your feet are multifarious structures, which may reflect your general health and comfort. Symptoms such as persistent pain or soreness are warning signs. If, for example, you neglect a painful joint, it can deteriorate and become acutely painful. Then you may start walking badly to avoid the pain and that can lead to more serious postural problems...


Feet Care For Life

Most of the people ignore taking care of their feet. Keeping your feet clean and cared, sometimes protect you from many foot diseases. Our feet are the most exploited parts of the human body. They are constantly under stress as we go about our normal working lives. Our feet work for us the entire day, whether we stand, run, or walk, and in the process they become the most affected part of our anatomy...


Foot Care Tips

Each of our foot contains 28 bones and 35 joints; you'll walk thousands of kilometers each year and accumulate literally tons of pressure on them during your lifetime. Your feet, of course deserve special care and attention...


General Foot Conditions & Treatment

As our feet spend a lot of time in shoes throughout the day; a warm, dark, humid place is created for the bacteria and fungus to grow and hence fungal and bacterial conditions occur. Fungal and bacterial conditions can cause dry skin, redness, blisters, itching, and peeling...


Natural Foot Care

Our feet are the moist strained and worked out part, and also most abandoned human part also. Lack of good care for feet result in many ailments like corns and bunions, cracks, infections and ingrown nails. These are some tips for the normal sickness of your feet naturally…


Foot Trouble Prevention Tips

Our feet bear a cumulative weight total of 1,000 tons a day. And over an average lifetime carry us about 140,000 miles. Certainly our feet, bearing this enormous workload and giving us such mileage, deserve our attentive care to render this heroic service to us....


Tips For Proper Foot Wear
Determining the appropriate footwear is essential. A sports person who chooses inappropriate footwear may not only limit his/her level of performance but also potentially increase the opportunity of injury...


Tips For Trimming Toenails
Clipping toenails is an easy task - and you can stop the ingrown toenails that make you flinch. Different steps to follow while you trim your nails...


Washing Tips For Your Feet
Clean and rub them regularly, and feet will go the distance...





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